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Kindergarten Prep

6 Week Kindergarten Readiness Program

Our kindergarten Prep Program is a road map of goals to works towards with your four or five year old to get them ready for kindergarten and was created with busy moms, homeschool families and classroom teachers in mind. Our Programs has two sessions.

Session runs: July 17th to August 22nd 



This program features a curriculum that is standards based and is structured in a way that builds student confidence and scaffolds new skills. The format stays exactly the same each day so students know exactly what to expect, and you do not need to constantly give directions.


Our 6 week program features daily live lessons Monday through Friday and worksheets to follow. You get access to over a 100+ page curriculum! All the planning and prep work is done for you. Your child will be on a routine and will look forward to learning each day. Every day, you’ll print four pages. The skills change throughout the six weeks of the program, but the page setup is generally the same. By the end of this program, students will be prepared to enter Kindergarten in the Fall of 2023 or 2024. There will be a virtual stepping up ceremony and certificate at the end of class completion for all students.

"Your child will be learning

all the standards he or she

needs in order to be

ready for kindergarten."


Letter Recognition/ Handwriting:

Our program focus on a new letter for the first 26 days. Handwriting is one of our top priorities. We start of with large bubble letters provide scaffolding and support, and then once they know how to write each letter, they can practice their handwriting for the letters on the lines below.


Letter Sound:

Then we focus on the sound each letter makes by coloring the correct pictures.



For the first two weeks, we work on comprehension, sequencing and retelling a short story. Each day we practice reading skills such as rhyming, first sound matching, phoneme segmentation (you say three sounds such as /c/ /a/ /t/ giving your child the opportunity to practice blending the sounds to say the word) sequencing, comprehension and retelling, syllables, using emotion words to finish a sentence frame, we learn 10 sight words and start practicing CVC words (consonant/vowel/consonant.)



In math, we focus on numbers 1-10 and writing these numerals. We also practice counting and 1:1 correspondence, measuring, shapes, patterns and using number lines and ten frames.


What curriculum will my child be using?

The ZAM Learning Academy Kindergarten Prep Curriculum is designed and created by Zollyann Howell, an experienced early childhood and elementary educator. It does not adhere to any particular state or national standard. However, preschool is not mandated in any state or territory. The ZAM Learning Academy Kindergarten Prep Curriculum was designed to prepare children preschool- k and the curriculum is customized for ages 3-5.


Is my child expected to come to class everyday?

Yes.  Our daily live sessions are 30 minutes and is held Monday through Friday. We understand that some families will be using our classes as a supplemental resource to their homeschool curriculum. However, our kindergarten prep Program was designed for students to engage with curriculum materials daily to enhance learning and skills. 


What materials will my child need?

All families will be provided with a class list during parent check-in 2 weeks prior to the Start of the program. The list will also be available for download directly after registering for the program as well.  We try to keep the cost of supplies as low as possible. All other materials and worksheets will be provided through the program each week via our private portal.


Can I pay per week for the Program? Is there a payment plan?

No, this program will be sold as a 6 week program.  There will be no payment plan option.


Does my child have to participate in all 6 weeks of the program?

The program is sold as a 6 week program.  Once you purchase the package you will have access to the worksheets as they are released daily.


Do parents need to participate in the live classes?

Our 6 week  program can be totally independent, however this will depend primarily on each individual child. Children will need their basic materials set-up before their lesson begins.  Parent preparation is simple and can be done ahead of time the night before or morning of the class.  


Can I write these programs off on my taxes?

Our Kindergarten Prep program is considered to be a educational enrichment program because of the virtual nature.  Our program is not day care program.  Families must consult with their tax preparer regarding the deductibility of the expenses.

Session runs: July 15th to August 23rd 

Session Fee: $175(All 6 weeks included)

Registration Fee $25

Registration fee secures your child spot. Registration officially Opens April 1st for 2024/2025 Cohort.


This form is not a registration form. Registration Opens April 1st. Complete this form if you're interest in registering your child in a future session and would like one of our team members to reach out to you with more information. 

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