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Jump into Learning Preschool workbook is perfect for your young learner. Whether your child is homeschooled or attends daycare or any traditional Preschool, this workbook will help them develop and work on many new skills in a variety of area.

This workbook works on skills such as writing, counting, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. And is great for Homeschool preschool and traditional preschool or distance learning. No prep is required. Just print and go!

 Math Skills Included

Colors, Counting 1-10, Counting 11-20, Writing Numbers 1-10, Writing Numbers 11-20, Shapes, Simple addition and subtraction, Comparison, Patterns and more.

 ELA Skills Included

Upper & Lowercase Letters, Beginning Sounds, Rhyming, Alphabet Tracing Worksheet, Line tracing, comprehension and more.

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